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Burn fat fast with these amazing workouts which combine simple yoga poses with fun calorie burning moves. We’ll take you from beginner to advanced to get you in the best shape ever!

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Delicious Diet

Lose weight eating delicious ‘normal’ food! We have vegan and vegetarian friendly recipes as well as gluten, dairy and nut free options.

Yoga Bliss

De-stress and unwind with our relaxation programme and meditations.

Your Transformations

Get inspiration to start YOUR transformation from these amazing Yoga Blitz success stories.


Lost 2 stone in 4 months

“I was really struggling to lose the weight after my second baby and it was really getting me down. So I signed up for Yoga Blitz and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m so so pleased with my results. The workouts are just part of my daily routine now and the diet is so easy to stick to. It’s definitely not diet food! I highly recommend it."


Lost 3 stone in 3 Months

“When I had my baby son a year ago I put on 3 Stone and I really needed to lose the weight, I was SO unhealthy. I’d seen Casey’s transformation so I bought Yoga Blitz, tried it and 3 months later I’d lost 3 Stone. 
I could not be happier – I’m SO so pleased with my results!! It’s brilliant – the main workouts are only 15 minutes so I fitted round my sons nap times. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”


Lost 1 stone with 90 Day challenge

I’m now back at my pre-pregnancy weight and feel stronger, happier and more confident after doing the 90 Day Challenge. 
As a busy mum of two I found it easy to fit round my day because you can split the workouts into 5 minute blocks. The diet had so much variety I didn’t feel deprived of anything I’d eat normally. And the results you get speak for themselves!


Lost 2 1/2 Stone in 3 months

I’m so pleased I found this programme. I’ve had amazing results with it! I’ve lost 2 ½ Stone and can now fit in my size 10 jeans again! 
The workouts have really helped ith my strength, stamina and flexibility – and the weight-loss has been fantastic. The support with everyone doing this programme is AMAZING! There’s a real sense of community. It’s given me my confidence back and I highly recommend it to ANYBODY! So do try it – it’s fantastic!