7 Day Blitz

Do you want to kick start your fitness and lose up to 7 lbs in just one week?! Are you ready to work out every day for 7 days and to follow our special menu plan for the week aiming for 1,200 calories per day?
Then this is the plan for you!

These self contained 10 minute workouts will ramp up your metabolism and combined with the specific diet plan will help you lose up to half a stone in just one week.

Chose any of the below breakfast, lunch and dinners each day.

We recommend you do the workouts at least twice a day for the whole 7 days to maximize your calorie burn. It’s tough but it works! And it’s only one week!

7 Day Blitz Day 1

7 Day Blitz Day 2

7 Day Blitz Day 3

7 Day Blitz Day 4

7 Day Blitz Day 5

7 Day Blitz Day 6

7 Day Blitz Day 7

7 Day Blitz Diet Breakfasts

7 Day Blitz Diet Lunches

7 Day Blitz Diet Dinners