5 Simple Tricks to Lose Weight

7th October 2019
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Hi there!

Here are 5 easy peasy but surprisingly effective ways to trick your body into losing weight …

  1. Do the String Trick

Tie a piece of string or cord around your waist – so when you sit down it won’t stretch to accommodate a huge blow out meal. It’s an unconscious reminder through the day that you are trying to lose weight. One woman lost 5 stone doing this!

  1. Eat From a Smaller Plate

Portion control means calorie control means weight loss and this is a really easy way to cut back on the amount you’re eating. So start eating your main meals off a side plate. Do that for a week and you’ll definitely see a difference. No piling up allowed though!

  1. Pre-Load with Soup!

In scientific studies soup has been shown to fill the stomach for longer than solid food. Sounds counter-intuitive but it’s true. So try drinking a cup of soup before your main meal, so you will feel fuller and be less inclined to over-eat. 

  1. Photo Diary

Photograph everything you eat and drink for a week so you keep a photo diary of e very single morsel that crosses your lips – including bites off someone else’s plate! Studies have shown that recording what you consume makes you eat and drink less.

  1. Phone a Friend

Get yourself a weight-loss buddy who can join you on your journey. It’s tough on your own and easy to fall off the wagon – but if you have a friend who’s going through it too you can support and keep each other on the right track.


Good luck!

Casey xxx