5 Tips to Stay Motivated

7th October 2019

It’s the thing we all struggle with.  Even starting sometimes can feel like a battle, never mind getting back to fitness when we’ve had a break. So here’s some thoughts to help get you motivated… 

  1. Ditch the Guilt & Shame

If you’ve been ‘off the wagon’ for a while or not even got on it in the first place, you can be stopped in your tracks by those twin monsters Guilt and Shame. You feel self disgust for the amount you’ve eaten or drunk or both and then the temptation to eat or drink again to stuff down those bad feelings is even greater and you’re stuck  in a ‘circle of shame’ and bingeing. So let’s dump those feelings – literally imagine dumping them somewhere and leaving them there.

  1. Don’t Delay the Start Date.

We’ve all done the ‘I’m going to start on Monday’ thing and then just not done it. Or given up by tea-time – or Tuesday. So this time do it differently. Decide your start date will be right now. You don’t even have to go shopping for the diet – you can eat ‘normal’ food today, just make sure you’re doing it in the right portions so you don’t exceed 1,400 calories.

  1. Keep Your Goals Achievable

Don’t expect to lose too much too soon. If you think you ‘should’ be losing half a stone in the first week there’s a real risk you’ll quickly become disinterested and find yourself giving up.  Set realistic and obtainable targets.  If you do that I guarantee you that you’ll feel better when you achieve them and you won’t lose your motivation. Nobody will ask how quickly you got slim, just how incredible you look.

  1. Have a Treat

It’s so important not to feel deprived – so make sure you plan to have a regular treat. That doesn’t mean eating a bar of chocolate after every workout (sadly), or a barrel of wine every Saturday! But a little bit of what you fancy is fine – so long as it’s within your calorie allowance. So having a couple of pieces of chocolate or a glass of wine once a week will stop you feeling deprived and more likely to give up and binge out.

  1. Have a Very Personal Goal

This can be as obvious as fitting into a size 10 for an event or something more personal – like getting a ‘revenge body’ after a break-up. Whatever you choose it’s great to visualise it your dream scenario – rocking up in your idea outfit at the wedding or whatever and keep that in mind every time you think of calling it quits!