Casey’s Top Tips for Weight Loss

29th December 2018
Motivation Weight Loss

1.Work out little and often.“People used to think that you had to work out for at least 20 minutes before you started burning fat, but apparently that’s rubbish and I find it really useful just to split the workout up which is why I devised the Yoga Blitz routines in 5 minute sections. There really is no excuse then too because tbh everyone can find a spare five minutes in their day! Even with a warm up and cool down that’s still only 15 minutes in total.  Also doing the workouts throughout the day means you keep your metabolism pumped up and  burning fat all day long. Yeyy!

2.Plan ahead when you eat out. There’s no reason to stop having a social life, or be worried about blowing it if you eat out. There’s always something you can eat on the menu and I always say ‘give me the chicken dish but just grill it and leave off the sauce. Also I take my own little bottle of balsamic vinegar (in my handbag!) and then I can add it to a salad, knowing how much is in there.

3.Don’t give up if you fall off the wagon.It’s not realistic to say you’re never going to have a glass of wine or a pudding ever gain. What I think is really important though, is not to go ‘oh I’ve blown it now, I might as well give up’ and then go on a bender. That’s when you end up in real trouble.

4.Have a goal.  I had in mind a target weight I wanted to reach – not because somebody told me I should be that weight, but because I wanted to get there knowing I’d feel the best about myself.  Plus if you don’t have a target – how will you ever hit it? Before I got there though, I bought a lovely dress that didn’t quite fit, but I kept it hanging up in my bedroom and it was a great incentive to lose those last few pounds (it now fits!).

5.Keep a food diary when you start– the latest research says it’s the single most effective tool for losing weight. It just is a real psychological check on what you eat and drink – without realising it, you regulate what goes into your body. So before you start, just write down on your phone everything you consume in a day. I didn’t realize quite how many biscuits I ate!

6.Keep a photo diary– take regular pictures of your progress so that you can be motivated to see that there is a real change in your shape. You don’t have to post them on Instagram like I did but if you do, it would be amazing if you could share your ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos with me – I get inspired seeing other people’s results.  It helps keep me on track too! And I would be so proud to know I’d helped you get there. So start off with the ’before’ picture, then every week take another. I’ve now got my whole weight loss journey on my phone and it’s great to see how far you’ve come because sometimes you forget!

7.Get an exercise buddy– find a friend who wants to shape up and get them to come round and do the workouts together –it’s much easier to be motivated when there’s someone else to nag you!

8.Keep some calories in the bank – so if you know you’re going out for the evening, rein it in during the day so that you can enjoy a meal out – also and make sure you do some exercise before you go – that way your body’s calorie burner is turned up to ‘max’.

9.Drink a glass of water before you eat your meal, so your stomach feels fuller.

10.Make sure you snack– healthily – during the day, so that you’re not starving by meal times and pig out. Have a bag of carrot and celery sticks to snack on or a couple of apples.

11.Spice up your food– it satisfies the taste buds and makes you want to eat less. I love the taste of curry – so I just added that flavouring to salmon steaks for example, to give me the same kick without the calories.

12.Hang out with fitties! - If you’re trying to lose weight avoid your big eating, big partying mates and stick with your skinny healthy ones so you don’t get tempted by their naughty habits!
And good luck – I’ve been there and know it takes real commitment to stick at it, but the end results are so worth it.

Love Casey xxx