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What if You Fall off the Wagon?

19th December 2018

If someone says to me that when they’re following a diet they never fall off the wagon, I don’t believe them! I honestly think everyone does at some point.

But the most important thing - and the biggest tip I would ever give anyone – is get right back on it again as soon as you can.

 Another word for that is consistency.

So if you fall off the wagon – and you probably will – there’s always a birthday or a wedding or a bad boyfriend day, then the key is to not get into that mind-set that “oh well I’ve blown it now, so that’s that, I’ll just  give up”.

Once you start walking down that dark tunnel you end up raiding the fridge at midnight to do some more self-harming with the Haagen Dazs.

Then you can easily enter into a cycle of self-loathing which can spiral into more binge eating. Or simply just feeling that now you’ve fallen off the wagon, then all bets are off and the weight loss goal is scrapped forever.

The best advice I can give – advice a (very slim) friend gave me when I started this - is to plan for your ‘slip ups’. 

I don’t mean plan to have a cheat day a week because I think if you do, it’s very difficult to ever make any headway on your weight loss. But if something special is coming up where you know it’s going to be virtually impossible to eat healthily, then plan ahead.

So figure out how much damage you might do on the calories – even get the calculator out! Then make sure you compensate for them on the day before and the day after.  

Clearly if you’re going to eat or drink more calories, you are not going to lose weight and will probably gain a little. So make sure you make allowances for that so that over the course of that whole week, you get back into losing again.

So on the Yoga Blitz diet plan, I would advise that you cut our your snacks for those two days, which means you will reduce your calories, and keep snacks out of your eating plan until you get back on track.

As you probably know an average sized glass of wine is between 75-100 calories, so if you have 4 glasses, that’s 4 snacks (at 100 calories each) to skip over those two days. Easy! And no need to throw the blitz out with the blow out!

Love Casey xxx

The mother-of-one and dedicated Yoga Teacher! 

Let's Blitz that fat away.