Have I Got a Slow Metabolism?

14th March 2019
Weight Loss

Have I Got a Slow Metabolism?

This is one of those classic dieting myths. It’s probably persisted because it’s quite a convenient excuse for not losing weight! Ahh well of course Debbie over there is really lucky - she can eat whatever she wants because she’s got a fast metabolism, whereas I’ve got a really slow one. That’s why I find it really hard to lose weight”. 

The truth is that there is very little difference in the resting metabolic rate of most people. That’s the rate at which you burn calories if you were just to lie around all day not doing much. The RMR uses up about 70% of the calories you need every day.

Actually the really interesting thing is that the fatter you are the higher your resting metabolic rate will be, because bigger people need more energy to move their bodies around.

So overweight people are actually burning more calories than their slimmer friends.

There are a few things that will make a small difference to your metabolism and help speed it up.  The more muscle you have on your body the better because muscle is where calories get burnt up. The more muscle you have the more fat you burn. Which is why men need to eat more calories than women – and why they can eat the same meal as a women and not put weight on and the women will!

So the Yoga Blitz programme includes lots of moves that are resistance based –using your bodyweight as resistance – and this will help build muscle.

Also strangely studies have found that the more you fidget during the day – move around and keep active – the more calories you will burn too. 

But generally metabolism is not a factor in whether your diet and exercise pla works.

So sadly that’s not an excuse we can use any more! We’ll just have to stick to speeding up our metabolism the way that all scientific studies shows works the best – by exercising more!  And of course High Intensity Exercise is the most effective form of fat burning exercise, which is why we’ve combined it with yoga moves in Yoga Blitz.

Love Casey xxx