Reasons to be Cheerful Blog

14th March 2019

Hey guys,

It’s so easy to get into a negative head space, focusing on what’s wrong with your life rather than what’s right.

Apparently as humans we’re programmed to focus on problem solving, which is why if you’re given feedback at work, they might have said 20 positive things, but all you take away from it – and dwell on – is the one negative thing.

It’s obviously helped us in our evolution to do that, but it’s not very pleasant to live with! And would be an awful way to spend most of your life – just focusing on all the things in your life that aren’t going well, or even worse – getting anxious about what might go wrong in the future.

So here’s a thing that I’ve done for years that’s really helped me to feel more positive a bout my day and my life.

Once a week I write a ‘gratitude list’ which helps me remember how good life really is. So even when it feels like everything is going wrong, you can definitely find 10 things to be grateful for.

Here’s mine for this week…


  1. My baby girl Florence
  2. My fiancé (have to get used to that word!) Dane
  3. My family and friends
  4. Being fit and healthy
  5. Having a roof over my head
  6. Enough food to eat
  7. To be doing a job I love – creating and presenting Yoga Blitz
  8. My new steam iron!
  9. Low calorie ice cream!
  10. Meditation

I would love to see yours too, so please send them to the Yoga Blitz Instagram or Facebook pages and let’s all be grateful together!!

Love Casey Xxx