Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss

7th October 2019
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Hey guys!

Listen to this…

How do you fancy sleeping yourself thin?  Yeah right?! Sounds complete fantasy doesn’t it? But in fact the latest science shows that if you get a good night’s shut-eye you’re much more likely to lose weight.   

When I first read that I have to confess that I thought it was made up.  But it’s apparently scientifically accurate. 

But here’s the interesting thing …Obviously, it makes sense that too little sleep wouldn’t be good but it seems that too much isn’t helpful either.

How come?  Well here’s what the study found… 

People who get around eight hours sleep a night and reduce their stress levels have double the chance of slimming down.  Yes that’s right DOUBLE! Crazy or what?!

This study looked for associations between sleep, stress and success at sticking to a weight loss programme. People who had less than six hours sleep or more than eight hours per day were less likely to achieve weight loss than those who had between six and eight hours.

The results support previous research linking sleep problems to obesity. The findings also make intuitive sense: people who aren’t getting enough sleep, or are sleeping too much, and are under stress may have more difficulty sticking to the demands of a weight loss programme.    

Don’t get carried away though.  You can’t sleep between 6 to 8 hours a night and eat what you like and expect to shed the pounds.  The sleep sweetspot eases your daily stresses and strains and that makes you more emotionally and psychologically prepared to reach your weight loss goals.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take any advantage I can get! Now I just need to persuade my munchkin to sleep for 8 hours straight!

Love Casey xxx