The Three Big Secrets of Slim Women

7th October 2019
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The sad news is that there’s no such thing as a ‘naturally slim’ woman, or man come to that. But people who are always slim and ‘never have to worry’ about their weight, all do these three things… 

  1. Avoid Bingeing and Starving.

So what they don’t do is - get up and skip breakfast, then get crazy hungry by 11 so eat something calorie loaded like biscuits.  Then come lunchtime – because of course anything sugary like biscuits won’t fill you up – there’s a temptation to load up with something satisfying like a sandwich and some chocolate. Well you’ve blown your diet so why not? Then come the evening all those carbs you’ve eaten have crashed out, so you’re desperately hungry again – so bring on the curry! Slim women just eat consistently throughout the day and don’t ever have extremes of over-eating. And if they do have the occasional blow-out, they immediately rein it in the following day to compensate and return to their moderate eating pattern.

  1. Always Balance Calories in, and Calories Out.

People don’t like to hear this but there’s a simple calculation to losing weight.  You have to eat less food than you burn as fuel.  Or if you want to maintain, get your food intake in balance.  That doesn’t mean religiously checking every single calorie in every single meal we eat.  But we all know that a big mac and fries is a much more calorie dense meal than a tuna salad with some v light dressing.  It’s not rocket science.  Slim people in general get that balance right, so they are aware of  what it takes to keep in shape. So if they don’t do much exercise – they don’t eat as much. And they don’t have alcohol and cake as a daily habit, more a much appreciate treat – and not in humungous portions.

  1. Make Exercise a Regular Part of Life

I don’t have the time.  I’m too busy.  The baby was up all night.  I’m exhausted.  Etc, etc, etc. We’ve all said it but who doesn’t have time for just fifteen Yogablitz minutes a day?  Especially when they’r broken down into 5 minute chunks? We all do, no matter what the circumstances.  And the benefits are off the charts.

Yes, exercise can help you to lose weight but there’s so much more.  Numerous scientific studies have shown that exercise helps to reduce high blood pressure. Plus… Reduce risk for type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and several forms of cancer.  Reduce arthritis pain and associated disability. Reduce risk for osteoporosis and falls. Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Why wouldn’t you want some of that?

So let’s share the secrets and enjoy looking better and living longer!

Love Casey Xxx