Will I Ever Get Rid of the ‘Mum Tum’?!

14th March 2019

Will I Ever Get Rid of the ‘Mum Tum’?!

This question is one I was asking all the way through my weight loss!

I honestly didn’t believe it would ever go – and that having a ‘mum tum’ was just one of the inevitable side effects of having a baby – and a price we mums all have to pay.

As I went along with my Yoga Blitz plan – which I was developing and adding to as I was losing the weight – I could see  that I was losing weight from all over, but it just seemed that it was never going to shift from my stomach.

It was particularly the lower abs that I had the problem with. But then as I continued with the programme – and don’t forget it took me 6 months because I had 4 stone to lose – I noticed that the bulge was getting smaller.

I have to say it was literally the last thing to go for me and I’m not saying it’s in any way perfect – as you’ll have seen from my posts! I’ve now got crepey skin that was never there before.

But the main thing that bothered me – the jelly belly has now gone and I realized that in the end it is just excess fat and if you stick with the Plan for a s long as you need to do that, it will go in the end.

Sadly I can’t do anything to help with the loose skin – but it will certainly look a lot better when you lose the extra weight.

So please trust me when I say if you stick with it, the ‘mum tum’ will go.

In the meantime,  this cartoon really makes me giggle. I think the tip is – don’t turn on your side in bed!!

Love Casey xxx