Beginner Blitz



Welcome to Beginner Blitz! This is the perfect workout if you’re new to yoga and are unfit at the moment. We suggest you start with Workout 1 and do this a minimum of 4 days a week alongside the diet plan. When you feel ready move onto Workout 2 and so on. As soon as you feel your fitness has improved and you need to step it up a bit, move on to the 90 Day Challenge. You can do the workouts as whole 25 minute routines or if you go to the Workout Bank they are split up into 5 minutes to fit round your day. FYI the warm-up and cool-downs are all the same for each workout. Good luck!

Workout 1 - Beginner Blitz

This full body workout includes Triangle Pose, Chair Pose and the wonderfully named ‘Fierce’ Pose. There are also intense moves like lunge jumps and jumping jacks to get your heart rate up and burning fat.

Workout 2 - Beginner Blitz

Here Warrior poses and Goddess Squat Jumps mix in with plank variations to tone your body and continue that fat burning effect.

Workout 3 - Beginner Blitz

We’ve got some serious ab burners in this workout like the Criss Cross Crunch along with calorie crunching moves like the Tree Pose Plié Jump.

WORKOUT 4 - Beginner blitz

Here you can learn to master Eagle Arm Pose as well as a great spinal balance exercise which firms up the core. Not to mention our easier version of a burpee. Definitely burning fat with this one!