Tone Up Blitz

tone up blitz


work on and are great to do alongside the other workouts as well as being routines on their own. Each full workout is 25 minutes but you can also go to the Workout Bank and choose individual 5 minute sections. As always it’s best to do Yoga Blitz alongside our diet plan. We recommend you do one workout at least 4 times a week. FYI – the warm-up and cool-down are the same on each routine. Enjoy!

Workout 1 - Legs & Bum

This workout targets your inner and outer thighs plus the side of your bum. There a re some great moves like the Frog Pulse and the Cursey Kick which will strengthen and tone your legs and bum.

WORKOUT 2 - Bum & Back

Here we focus on your booty with exercises like the Seated Leg Raise and your back with moves like the Locust Pose and Swimmers routine.

Workout 3 - ARMS & SHOULDERS

This will attack your bingo wings and give you d efinition in your shoulders with exercises like the Dolphin Pose, Reverse Tab le Top and Spider Plank.

Workout 4 - BELLY & WAIST

Here we banish the belly and love handles with great abs exercises like Curtsey Crunches, Scissor Kicks and Accordian Crunches.